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Understanding the new blueprint to making customers happy.

In April Evolve virtually travels to the City of Los Angeles with a focus on guest experience. The early days of the pandemic overwhelmed the medical systems in L.A. and caused a long-lasting shutdown of all indoor businesses in the city. Excluding a couple months in the late spring of 2020, bar and restaurant interiors have been closed since March 2020. 

This widespread shutdown has since revolutionized the way operators think about guest experience. Join Evolve and learn from the pioneers of customer experience amid a pandemic!  Register here

Getting to Know The City of Los Angeles

  • L.A. is home to 4 million people with 13 million in its metropolitan area.
  • One in six Angelenos in a creative industry.
  • While Los Angeles’ economy is famous for entertainment and media, it is also a center for international trade and manufacturing.
  • L.A. has the highest concentration of museums in the country.
  • Los Angeles was the birthplace of the internet, sending the first transmission between computers in 1969.
  • The iconic Mexican Fan Palms found in many of LA’s streets are not actually native to the area.
  • LA is one of the most racially diverse cities in the U.S.
  • The city’s healthcare workers had to deal with a severe shortage of masks and equipment due to budget cuts made during the great recession.
  • California has had the highest number of COVID-19 cases (but not the highest per capita), creating tension between the government and business owners.
  • L.A. had a movement of people making and donating 3D-printed face shields for essential personnel.

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