What are Owners & Operators Learning during Evolve?

Check out the growing list of key takeaways from Evolve:

  1. Technology is rarely implemented as easy as the sales rep makes it out to be. For every 10 hours of onboarding, there should be another hour or two spent interviewing other operators who have already implemented it.
  2. [On optimizing yield from beverages] First, start with selling all your extra inventory. Then, talk to your distributors and see what closeout sales they have. Base your drinks off that to ensure every drink is as profitable as possible.
  3. Stop promoting third-party delivery. They are not promoting you and once they have your guests, they will continue to strengthen their relationship with them at a cost to you. Focus on first-party delivery or alternatives than paying the major delivery companies.
  4. Survival has to be looked at on a day-to-day basis. There will be mental highs and lows but find what optimism you can each day and sleep off the rest. Continue to be strong for your team for if they see you break, they'll follow suit.
  5. We will develop strength through this and if we can learn how to survive in this challenging market with less than 50% of revenues, and keep that mentality when we return to full business next year, we'll collectively be so much smarter to take care of our businesses and ourselves.

And so much more! Join the Bar & Restaurant industry during Evolve, a free 6-month virtual event for Owners and Operators with real talk, real solutions.

Evolve Success Stories

Great tips that are very relevant during this critical time in our industry. Bar Owner

All speakers provided practical solutions and strategies for thriving in this current pandemic market. President, Consulting Business

Evolve was very timely considering the current day challenges of working in the industry. General Manager/Dean, Community College

The speakers were personable and had relevant content for business owners and bar staff during these times of uncertainty. Marketing Director, Events Company

Applicable, timely, and open to all aspects of the business. Chef, University

Exchange of valid viewpoints always brings better understanding and promise. President, Consulting Business

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