Save, support, or grow your business.

This is the worst challenge the bar and restaurant industry has faced in 100 years, a nearly insurmountable challenge not seen since Prohibition.

What owner hasn’t been frustrated by the inconsistency of the crackdowns on our businesses compared to other sectors and public activities? 

Running for 6-months as a virtual event series, Evolve is pulling in experts to showcase how they are beating the odds while battling irate guests, bad press, and ineffective politicians.

Hear where the industry is going and how profitable establishments are still possible with reduced capacity and increased regulations.

Six critical topics will be covered:

    Connect with the heart of the industry.

    Share real-life stories and lessons learned.

    • The Updated Essential Guide to Bar Finances
    • How to Apply Chain Restaurant Systems to Independent Operations
    • The Systems for Beating the Odds in the Bar Business
    • How to Implement New Technology
    • Closed Your Doors? Fire up Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • How to Stay Resilient in a Covid-19 World
    • Looking to Sell Your Bar? How to Make a Profit in 2020

    The Bar & Restaurant Difference

    Broadcast quality streaming and multiple opportunities to connect with peers and suppliers on the topics critical to your business.
    LIVE Q&A

    Expert sessions include live QA with innovators. 


    Join your peers in discussions on adapting and surviving.

    Product Demos

    Live meetings with sponsors to discuss the latest products and solutions.

    bar talk

    Network & discuss key topics from lease modification to local government guidelines.

    tips guides

    Resource center filled with guides, videos and case studies.

    It's easy to attend Evolve

    Registration for Evolve is complimentary for Owners and Operators working in the bar, restaurant, and hospitality industry.

    It's quick to register through an online form and secure your seat for the 6 month journey. Once registered, look for your email confirmation with the Evolve login link.

    Busy surviving and putting out fires? Register anyways and get access to the post-event on demand links and watch at your leisure.

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