The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Evolution 

Tips and menu trends to make your restaurant hit the jackpot.

Mark your calendar for February 22 as Evolve embarks on a food and beverage journey and virtually travels to Las Vegas, Nevada (also home to Nightclub & Bar Show).

You probably know Las Vegas as a lot of things: A world capital for gambling, entertainment, and conventions. But did you know that Vegas has a serious reputation among foodies?

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Getting to Know Las Vegas

  • About 650,000 people live in Las Vegas, with 2.2 million in its metropolitan area.
  • Most of the areas in and around the infamous Strip actually fall outside of Vegas’ official city limits.
  • The proper term for someone who lives in Las Vegas is, “Las Vegan.”
  • Las Vegas’ economy is based on, you guessed it, tourism, gambling, and entertainment.
  • Move over, Paris! You can often find Las Vegas on lists of “Top 10 food destinations in the world.” 
  • Las Vegas is home to the world’s largest cannabis dispensary.
  • When viewed from space, Las Vegas is the brightest spot on Earth!
  • Because of the unique economy, Las Vegas has struggled with high unemployment rates throughout the pandemic, but things are starting to turn around.
  • To aid Las Vegas’ comeback, local inventors are close to developing an air purifier that can completely destroy COVID-19.
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