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We hear you

  • Over 500 restaurants and bars are closing permanently per day
  • Government is doing little to support your jobs and businesses
  • Winter is coming and you and other operators don’t know how you’re going to get through
  • Your days are long, tough and stressful 
  • You need to know how to save, support or grow your business
  • You need help

Bar & Restaurant Source connects the industry to build a path to 2021 & 2022

Learn what’s working today and tomorrow to support your business.

One thing is clear – we need to

  • Stick together
  • Use our combined skills and resources to get through this
  • We can find a way

Starting November 2020, you have access to new education, learnings and sales opportunities from industry operators and professionals to showcase how they are beating the odds while battling irate guests, bad press, and ineffective politicians. 

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Supporting You

We're visiting bars & restaurants across the US badly impacted by the crisis to learn and share how they have defied the odds to stay open and generate new sales.

We’ll present these key learnings alongside other key content in two dedicated virtual events each month, including live networking, until April 2021.

We'll capture the most important   “how to” information that makes a difference today and tomorrow for you to watch from the safety of your bar, restaurant or home.

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Free access to two virtual events per month from November 2020 to April 2021, with key education and networking opportunities.

Let’s unite as an industry to engage, learn and succeed.